“For me as a black person going to the museum, even though I like the things I might be looking at, there really is a limit to your ability to appreciate things that don’t include you as a fundamental part of their value system” -Kerry James Marshall

The tone of Kerry James Marshall works is often supported by the prominence of the black subjects, mainly because they’re the emphasis around bright colours, thus the black being metaphorically bold and robust as representation of the subjects emotions, thoughts and ideas. 

His works focus on inclusion, not only in the context of visual art throughout the centuries but for the audience. This inclusion is achieved through composition as subjects aren’t blocking the view of the audience but are more inviting and interactive, evident in the subjects eyes focused on a point as though the audience has drawn their attention by walking into this space as if the audience  will seemingly affect the work and it’s subjects 

The subjects are composed of organic shapes unlike its surroundings, which are more geometric, the sense of a circular shape being infinite and relaxed communicates the mood of the subjects and separates them from object association in any  way.