“Before the lockdown was initiated all I managed stock up on were small canvases. I did not realise it would be so hard to draw using synthetic hair on the smaller canvasses and when I realised I also did not have paper, I decided to explore painting my subjects. I’d started experimenting with acrylic paint and pen on my smaller paper drawings but painting does not come naturally to me.

My mentor, Benon Lutaaya had been teaching me how to paint before his passing. We worked on a piece together ( image to the left) but I found the painting process to be tedious. I was too impatient and far more comfortable with synthetic hair. Now I wish I’d taken the time to learn from the best when I had the opportunity. The irony of it all is that now I have all the time in the world, canvas and paint …lol… so I might as well use it to teach myself how to paint.”