Cow Mash

Who is Cow Mash?

Cow Mash was born in Limpopo (birth name Kgaogelo Mashilo) and raised in Pretoria where she is currently based. She graduated from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) with a degree in Fine Art, majoring in sculpture. In 2016, Cow created her first life size public figure, representing Francis Baard and forming part of the National Heritage Monument. In 2017, Cow was one of three artists to create a statue of Oliver Tambo, which stands at the O.R Tambo international airport. Cow was winner of the PPC Imaginarium fashion category in 2019. In 2019 she also collaborated on the sculpture of Zakithi Nkosi for the Zakithi Nkosi Clinical Haematology Centre of Excellence, located at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital. Cow is currently completing her master’s degree at TUT and continues to take part in various group shows.

Academic conferences

February lectures NWU conference: “Queer Visualities: African Perspectives, Other Perspectives”. Paper titled: Queer in Africa: Media representation and generational acceptance of queer. February 2019

SAVAH conference: abstract entitled “Analysis of the cow as a metaphor in selected work by Cow Mash” 11-13 September 2019

Afems (African feminisms) abstract entitled “Analysis of the Cow as a Metaphor in Selected Work by South African Artists” (at Wits University from the 5-7 September 2019 on the theme of “Theorising from the Epicentres of our Agency”).

Museum Conversations 2019: Performance collective, Performance title: “Display cases”. Goethe institute and University of Namibia (In Windhoek, Namibia) 18-20 September 2019

Public Commissions

Life size figure of Francis Goitsemang Baard: National heritage Monument (2016/2017)
2.5m OR Tambo figure: ORT international airport commission (2017)
ABSA Cape Epic African woman’s trophy (2017/2018)
Life size figure of Zakithi Nkosi: Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Soweto. Zakithi Nkosi Clinical Haematology Centre of Excellence (2019)




Viewing room gallery “Transhumanism” July 2020
BKHZ “Habit (at)” (online exhibition) June 2020
Trent gallery “Epoch” (online Exhibition) June 2020
SAFFCA artist of the month (online) June 2020
Lizamore gallery “Phantasmagoria” (online exhibition) June 2020
Story gallery (online exhibition @storygallery) April 2020
Woord wees GUS (gallery university Stellenbosch) Knoop/knot group exhibition (February 2020- March 2020).
BKHZ galley “making of themselves” (February- March 2020)
The project space Johannesburg| International Cape Town art fair (February 2020)
99 Loop galley Cape Town| Cape Town art fair (February 2020)
Nje collective| International Cape Town art Fair (February 2020)
Arts Association of Pretoria “St Valentine” (February 2020)
Trent gallery “elevated” group show (February 2020)
Circa/ Everard read Capetown | Cubicle series “back to back they faced each other” (January 2020) Is art gallery Franshoek (December 2020)
Lizamore gallery “hindsignt” (November 2019 – January 2020)
Trent gallery “slightly saintly” (November 2019)
Javett art center “living legends” (October 2019)
Underline art fair “Familial threads” (September 2019)
Latitude art fair “invisible exhibition” TMRW gallery (September 2019)
Turbine art Fair “RMB talent unlock” (September 2019)
PPC Imaginarium “finalist exhibition” (sculpture and fashion category) (April 2019)
Trent gallery “Ophelia” (March 2019)
TMRW gallery “the space in between” (February 2019)
Alliance France “friends” (February 2019)
Trent gallery “imaginisium of all” (January 2019)
Johann van Heerden art gallery “New” (January 2019)
The old Granary, Cape Town “Penumbra” (December 2018)
Trent gallery “Liminal Famine” (November 2018)
Hazard Gallery “Numbers” (October 2018)
Fried Contemporary art gallery “Black Humour” (September 2018) Jan Smuts “Art pop-up” (October 2018)
Sasol new signatures (September 2018)
Johann Van Heerden’s gallery “Diversity” (September 2018)
Trent gallery Print exhibition “Print now and then” (September 2018) St’Lorient viewing room gallery “The Unexpected” (September 2018)
Art box group show “FAS” (2018)rthouse.