Percy Maimela

Who is Percy Maimela?

Percy Maimela (b.1985) is an autodidact who taught himself how to be an artist; his preferred mediums include charcoal drawing and painting. Maimela is also a Guinness world record holder in 2019 for the biggest coffee mosaic. His work is socially conscious – it’s context inherently situated within the social environment and its issues, and through holding the power to incite change his body of work inspires resolution.

The mask motif along with the fingerprint pattern in Maimela’s work is a universal totem the represent our past, present and future and a symbolic sigh of the DNA and culture we inherited form our deeply rooted history before we are created. His body of work compels a deep reflection about the cultural legacies that can sustain us and further protect us against the persisting danger of assimilation that dissolves our past.

Maimela’s work has been profiled by TV shows such as 100% Youth and My First, both are on the SABC 1 channel and he continues to make waves in the art industry.