Who Is Phumzile?

Phumzile Buthelezi (b. 1976) has always had an affinity for art, starting from an age as young as 13 years old where she won third prize in a drawing competition. Throughout her developing stages as an artist her craft has included embroidery, crocheting, knitting, beadwork, and fabric painting.

She invokes women and feminine energy as her muse; the sense of being associated and connected with nature and simultaneously being a critical site in cultural production; particularly the change in practicing agency – indicative of social, political and cultural changes is the driving force. The body of work is a physical extension of philosophy and cultural changes that have made the modern woman a multifaceted being, a bringing together of many different qualities and textures; through the use of different mediums and technical skills. Her style is easily distinguishable, with organic forms and shapes and a colorful palette. Her work extends the qualities of nature; as beautiful, life giving, and a formidable force which also examples female energy of strength, beauty and nurturing qualities. Her work has recently been shown at Nirox sculpture park for a pop-up exhibition. In the recent past she has had various commissions from the Arteye gallery, Sanral and Citadel bank among many others in 2011 and various exhibitions too including “Ambiguous” with the arthouse (2020) and the DaVinci hotel in Sandton (2010) among many others. .



The DaVinci hotel in Sandton (2010) among many others.

 Arteye gallery, Sanral and Citadel bank among many others in 2011

Ambiguous with The Arthouse (2020)